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Consulting Services

Do you have HubSpot set up and are ready to start using it to its full potential? 
We advise and work with your team to grow your solar business.

Marketing, Sales and Service Strategies

Focus your teams on solar business growth

We find that silos often develop when you have functional teams focused on Marketing, Sales and Service. We work with you to align your teams to focus on a holistic Revenue Operations strategy.

We conduct a RevOps strategy audit, develop an holistic strategy and work with your team or our network of specialists to implement the strategy and drive growth.

  • Marketing: solar lead generation, brand awareness,  customer experience optimisation, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management, local marketing, email marketing and social media management
  • Sales: lead nurture, conversion rate optimisation, pipeline management, sales automation
  • Service: customer support tickets, knowledge base management, customer feedback, customer engagement, upsell and cross-sell

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SEO for Solar

PPC for Solar

Our approach is data-driven and part of our consulting work is to ensure your data and reporting delivers true business insights. 

We also review your overall technology stack and make recommendations where we believe you could get additional value from the HubSpot platform or other technologies.

HubSpot is powered by AI technologies and we advise on how you can leverage AI and related technologies to improve your overall business efficiency.

Need assistance with HubSpot?

We also offer our solar clients HubSpot Onboarding services and HubSpot Optimisation services.

We are SunSpot.
Your solar business growth partner.