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We are a specialist HubSpot agency focused on the solar industry

SunSpot helps reputable South African solar businesses grow.

We implement and optimise HubSpot, help you gain insights from your data and implement transformative strategies for sustainable revenue growth.

Why Solar and why HubSpot?

SunSpot works with high-quality, reputable solar companies in South Africa. Our clients provide South African households and companies with great quality service and products and are focused on helping people solve their energy problems in the long term with maximum return on investment and efficiency.

We are strong advocates for renewable energy as the future of South Africa's energy challenges.

HubSpot is a leading CRM, marketing, sales and service platform and the ideal tool to grow your solar business when combined with solid strategy.

Our team is  highly experienced and certified in solar, digital marketing strategy and the HubSpot platform.

Who do we work with?

We work with trusted South African solar companies who:

  • Install and supply high quality components such as Victron, QCells, Freedom Won, SunSynk, Fox ESS, Trina Solar, SunPower, Longi, Canadian Solar and similar high quality products
  • Give their clients long-term warranties and life-time support
  • Educate their clients about the best product combinations for their specific needs to reduce their energy bills
  • Are transparent, reputable and avoid hard-sell, scammy sales techniques
  • Want to build long-term relationships with their clients
  • Believe in the power of solar energy to solve South Africa's energy challenges and the planet's climate issues

If your solar company shares these values, we want to work with you to grow your business.


We are SunSpot.
Your solar business growth partner.